PAR56 LED lamps are a replacement for standard pool, halogen lighting. Simple replacement, Warm white, white, monochrome and RGB variants. LED POOL LIGHTS PAR56
Complete pool lighting, equipped with LED-STAR bulbs. Powerful replacement for halogen lighting at several times lower power consumption. LED POOL SETS PAR56
LED floodlight with cross-grip attachment. Simple installation, lighting suitable for new pools, can also be installed in finished swimming pools. LIGHTING WITH CROSS MOUNTING
LED lighting for fountains and ponds. "Ring" variants for nozzle mounting, tilt and countersunk variants. LED LIGHTING FOR FOUNTAINS AND PONDS
In the category you will find design stainless steel lighting suitable for illuminating ships, swimming pools, etc. The lighting is also suitable as additional light to the pool for stronger sources such as PAR56. STAINLESS AND OTHER POOL LIGHTING
Lighting range designed for outdoor lighting, such as gardens, parks - countersunk lights, Wall-Washer GARDEN AND DECORATIVE LED LIGHTING
Range of transformers and drivers RGB lighting TRANSFORMERS AND ACCESSORIES
Lighting ASTEL LIGHTING is designed for lighting swimming pools and exteriors and interior of ships. ASTEL lighting is specific to its exceptional and timeless design, outstanding luminosity and top quality, with a wide range of control and programming capabilities. ASTEL LIGHTING
Series lighting ASTEL - MARINE is designed to illuminate the ship below the waterline. ASTEL-MARINE underwater lighting for ships
The METEOR range is a compact, stainless, ultra-thin LED underwater lighting. Exceptional design, outstanding luminosity and top quality of these lights will definitely give you a unique look and timeless look for your pool. ASTEL-METEOR lights for pools
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