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Higly luminous RGB light. Suitable in pools with one as well as more lights. Absolutely trouble-freee synchronization of unlimited number of lights. With internal memory for the last chosen color.

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LED-STAR MULTICOLOR is patended and inovative pool light of the PAR56 line with trouble-free synchronization. Where PAR56 most significantly differentiate from regular lights – halogen as well as LED, is maximum security of the lightbulb against any kind of detachment in the connection between the body of the light and the lens. The joint is done using a polycarbonate molding which protects the inside of the light and also is fitted with a rubber gasket. On top of this it is sealed with twelve bolts. This allows maximum security against possible instability of the joint. The light is fitted with higly luminous 18x3WATT MULTICOLOR chips, which delivers maximum brightness and intensity of emitted light. Body of the light is stainless steel V4A/316, lightbulb is made of high strength polycarbonate. The light is fitted with unique high-tech thermo board. LED-STAR MULTICOLOR symbolizes significant inovation among LED lights PAR56 while maintaining a great price.  LED-STAR MULTICOLOR lights can be synchronized without any trouble using the CONTOLLER MULTICOLOR synchronizer (found in “Transformers and accesories”, or below in the “Recommended” section).

NOTE: MULTICOLOR LED chips are RGB LED chips, where each single 3Watt chip includes all three basal colors of the RGB spectre – Red, Green and Blue. This achieves much brighter and finer colors unlike the commonly used chips that have independent chip for each color.

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  • New, inovative PAR56 light LED-STAR COB and LED-STAR MULTICOLOR
  • Trouble-free synchronization, cotntrol manual, remote, DMX512, WI-FI
  • Double protection from detachment. Connection of the body and the bulb not only glued as usual, but also secured by bolts
  • Excellent luminosity and beautifully bright colors thanks to MULTICOLOR LED chips
  • Body made of STAINLESS V4A 316 ev.aluminium,lens polycarbonate
  • Great heat dissipation with high-tech thermo board
  • Certificates CE(EMC & LVD), ERP, FCC, RoHs, IP68, R&TTE
  • Patented product
Power and voltage 18x3Watt 12V AC/DC 50~60Hz
Control Manual, remote, DMX512, WI-FI
Light color RGB spectre
Type and number of LED in light 18x3Watt MULTICOLOR chips CREE
Light emitting angle 60°
Cover IP68
Dimensions 177 x 105mm
Material Hardened polycarbonate + stainless V4A/316
Operating temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Service life about 50.000 hours

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