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LED-STAR POWER COB 70Watt a 6.500Lumen!!!


LED-STAR POWER COB is the PAR56 patent and innovative pool lamp. The lamp is 70Watt , with 6.500Lumen , which is currently ranked # 1 among the PAR56 lamps. The color of the light is in warm white, day white and monochrome (blue, green, red).

The fundamental difference from standard PAR56 lamps – both halogen and LED – is to maximally secure the bulb against possible splinters in the connection between the bulb body and the lens. The joint is made of polycarbonate, which protects the inner wall of the light and at the same time it is a lens, is fitted with a seal and is also secured by twelve screws. This provides the bulb with maximum protection against possible instability of the joint. The lamp itself is fitted with a highly bright 70 Watt COB BRIDGELUX chip that provides maximum brightness and intensity of light emitted. The bulb body is made of stainless steel V4A / 316 , the lens is high-strength polycarbonate. Against possible overheating, the bulb is fitted with a unique high-tech thermal plate. LED-STAR COB represents a significant innovation between PAR56 LED lamps at an excellent price.

Note COB LED chips use the concentration of individual LED chips on a small area (see photo) where LED chips are placed on a ceramic printed circuit and covered with a luminophore layer. This ensures even heat distribution from LED chips, it is possible to integrate higher density LEDs and also achieve higher light output compared to conventional LEDs.

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