POOLLIGHT.EU is the official distributor of the pool lighting of Slovenian company ASTEL LIGHTING d.o.o.
ASTEL LIGHTING d.o.o. Was established in 1991 when the company became a leading manufacturer of security systems, GSM and electronic systems for maritime transport and, last but not least, design lighting for luxury yachts.
In 2009, ASTEL LIGHTING d.o.o. Also enters the market for LED pool lighting – the METEOR range and the exterior and interior lighting for the MARINE and SUPERYACHT series.

ASTEL lighting is specific to its exceptional and timeless design, outstanding luminosity and top quality, with a wide range of control and programming capabilities.

The range of ASTEL - SUPERYACHT illumination features extreme luminosity, designed to illuminate ships below the waterline. ASTEL-SUPERYACHT highly luminous boat lights
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