LED-STAR LED Headlamps meet the most demanding quality requirements for lighting all types of pools. The LED-STAR headlamps are equipped with LED-STAR lamps in power variants of 40Watt to 70Watt in daylight white, warm white and RGB color modes. With LED-STAR MULTICOLOR RGB lamps, we offer you an absolutely seamless synchronization of an unlimited number of bulbs in the pool and a wide range of possible controls. For LED-STAR white light bulbs, we have already fully switched to COB illumination technology with a chip that shows a significantly higher bulb intensity with less demand for power consumption. Currently, we also currently have the PAR56 incandescent bulb on the market with LED-STAR COB POWER with a power output of 70Watt, which shows the luminosity of the great 6.500Lumen.

Complete pool light fitted with high-bright RGB LED-STAR MULTICOLOR. Suitable for the pool fitted with both light and more light. Absolutely seamless synchronization of an unlimited number of lights. With internal memory for the last selected color. Bazenove svetlo LED-STAR MULTICOLOR LED-STAR MULTICOLOR SET RGB bílá
Complete pool light fitted with LED-STAR COB light emitting white light and single color 35Watt light and 3.500Lumen luminance !!! Fully replaces up to 300Watt halogen. Bazenove svetlo LEd-STAR COB LED-STAR COB SET 35W bílá
A full pool light fitted with an LED-STAR COB POWER light emitting white light and a single-color light of 70Watt and a luminance of 6.500Lumen !!! Fully replaces up to 500Watt halogen. LED-STAR POWER COB SET bílá
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